Monday, April 21, 2008

Parade in Garmisch

We accidentally ran into this hometown parade that ended in a festive "Beer" Tent.  We had a great night of unplanned fun.

Visiting Richard and Mary in Germany August 2007

It was quite eventful on the first day in Frankfurt.  Between James, Richard, and Mary talking to everyone that walked by, we figured out how to get a ticket on the metro system.

Outside of Austria, we did a salt mine tour, we got these really awesome white outfits to protect our clothes and we slid down wooden slides like the salt miners, Richard and Mary were pros!

In Salzburg we found these delicious pretzels, they were so good we found them again the next night!

Then we went to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in the black forest.  You may have noticed that it was rainy and overcast the whole time we were their.  That helped us to not get too homesick and  really enjoy our stay with Richard and Mary!


Paige and James went fishing in Yellowstone Park, Memorial Day 2007.  This was one of our "not fishing" side trips to the lower falls, you can barely see them in the background.  Go UTES!

Fond memories! Some Reunion Pictures from Seattle, 2006

I just thought I would choose some pictures from our library that have some of our favorite faces in them.  I know there are many more pictures that have some more favorite faces that we would love to see posted:)  They don't have to be from the reunion (0ld news)  but we would like to see what is going on in everyone's life...It is fun to blog...anyone can do it!!

The Cahoon's are ducky!

Here are some pictures from our "Ride the Duck" experience that gave us a colorful tour of Seattle and Lake Washington for the Family Reunion in 2006.

Fun at Remlinger Farms, WA 2006

Take me out to the Ball Game! Seattle WA, 2006

We had fun watching the Mariners play late into the night.  This was Nat's first live baseball experience!