Monday, July 14, 2008

Walking along the Freedom Trail where "every step tells a story" (Right Peter?)

Monument to Samuel Adams
Granary Burying Ground: RIP Paul Revere, John Hancock and Samuel Adams.
Libby took this pic at Paul Revere's House
This is a Donkey in the courtyard at Boston's First Public School.

Yummmy Grill bread and Fantastic Lunch served by Mike and Sasha

Vermont is lovely.

These pictures are for the ladies!

The Ivory's and Cahoon's are sooo cute.

Fun in the Sun in Vermont!

Pond Time = Frog Time

Kids had a great time catching frogs and chasing turtles and crayfish.

4th of July in Hanover

Will Tessa and Andrew made out like bandits with all their candy loot. The parade was max 15 minutes long, with a ton of candy!

The guys take a canoe ride and dip in the pond.

Went for a canoe ride in Mike and Sasha's new pond.

Mike's famous last words were "I feel a lot more stable standing up" and over we went.

Will at Sugarbush Farms, Vermont

We went to taste some cheese and syrup at this cute little farm on the backroads of Vermont, and Will got his picture with the calf.

Field Trip to Dartmouth with the Cahoon's